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Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Mitchell Deep Tissue Lymph Drainage Therapy (MDTLDT) is an original
hands-on method of lymphatic drainage developed by Karyn Mitchell CTN, Ph.
D. of Illinois. Created from eighteen years of Naturopathic Research on the
understanding of the issues concerning the immune and lymphatic systems,
MDTLDT takes traditional lymph drainage techniques and adds a deep tissue
level consistent with recent scientific discoveries concerning pre and post
surgical support, autoimmune disorders, disease prevention, radical
detoxification, as well as vital restoration of wellness and health.

Learning exacting lymphatic methods to open ducts and drains, and distinctive
manual strokes, MDTLDT enables practitioners to detect congestion in the
lymph flow anywhere in the body. From there they can use their hands to open
drain pathways toward the vessels to clear lymphatic stagnation and re-
establish overall circulation to drain old, congested toxic filled body-fluid
stagnations.  These tried and true techniques provide instant relief and
immediate results.

Therapists work in a quadrant approach with deep tissue techniques to open
closed drains and ducts.   In some cases an hour may be devoted to working
only one quadrant, draining excessive edema.  Standard lymphatic strokes are
then utilized to move interstitial fluid into the now opened and accessible
ducts and drains. These lymphatic strokes motivate  lymph movement and
interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulate where needed, the immune and
parasympathetic nervous systems.  Karyn Mitchell has proven that when these
techniques are used correctly the body responds by:
•        Reduction in inflammation including sinus problems, bronchitis, and ear
•        Reduction of site swelling and lymphedema
•        Detoxification of the body
•        Assist the healing of allergies and acute onset of illness
•        Tissue regeneration,  including burns, wrinkles, cellulite, and wounds
•        Reversal of aging and youthful regeneration  
•        Relief of chronic congestion and pain
•        Reduction in the symptoms of fibromyalgia and exhaustion
•        Anti-spasm actions to assist constipation
•        Increase nutrient absorption by draining inflamed gut nodes and Peyer’s
•        Insure relaxation to assist in healing stress, insomnia, loss of vitality and
memory loss
•        Reduce extremity fluid as well as cellulite tissue for a smoother, slimmer
body, subtracting inches from legs, arms, and back
How Deep Tissue Lymphatic Drainage Works
The therapist will explain how the pressure in Deep Tissue Lymphatics varies
according to the congestion in various areas of the body.  Each quadrant of the
body has its own drainage pattern and ducts that the interstitial fluid is
directed to drain toward.  For example, the head and upper chest drain into the
Right Lymphatic and Left Thoracic Ducts which are under the clavicle or
collarbone toward the middle of the body.  The arms and lateral half of the
breast drains into the axillaries or armpits.  There are three main sites in the
armpit that generally are very congested if you have used commercial
deodorants in the past.  If that is the case, these sites tend to be very sensitive
to pressure.  As these ducts open and drainage occurs, the area under the armpit
can appear concave whereas before it may have had a convex or golf ball
appearance.  A benefit of this particular site drainage is that the arms then fall
closer to the sides of the ribcage and the shoulders relax.  The midline of the
breast toward the sternum drains into ducts between the ribs near the sternum
and down to the xiphoid process.  Underwire bras tend to block or inhibit the
drainage flow pattern of the breasts both toward the middle as well as to the
outside of the breast, making these areas sensitive at first, but breast drainage is
considered an essential part of wellness for women in Europe.        

Classes in Deep Tissue Manual Lymphatic Drainage are available. See our
“Schedule” page for dates and cost.  We also travel and teach, call or e-mail for
details about sponsoring a class.